What’s For Dinner? A Giveaway!


How many times a week do you ask yourself, What’s For Dinner? How much time a week are you planning out your family’s dinner meals, shopping lists and grocery shopping?

A lot! I know that I was spending more time than I wanted to in planning for our meals – probably just as much time or more as I did in cooking & eating them! Then a few months ago, I came across Menu In A Box. I won a free one year membership to the site by simply entering a giveaway on the blog. I was thrilled at the thought of it and trust me, it’s came in handy!

My favorite part of the membership was actually the free gift that came along with it, an e-book. Menu In a Box 200 Weeknight Dinners Budget & Family Friendly includes 40 weeks of meals along with shopping lists. All organized and ready to print for shopping and preparing your meals! You could add one night of leftovers and one night as a take-out or go out to eat and print a page from this ebook and you have an entire week planned in seconds!

Example of How to use 200 Weeknight Meals

If your family is easy to please in the meal department, you could print the lists off and use them in the order that they are. Everything, and I do mean everything, sounds great! I, however, have one child that eats everything in sight and one that is allergic to eggs as well as has some sensory issues (picky about way certain foods feel and/or look in his hands and/or mouth). While he seems to be doing a bit better lately with those sensory issues, I do usually have to make sure I have something else on hand that is most likely microwavable or quick to throw together like a sandwich. As there are 40 weeks to choose from, I have been known to skip through a few of them and print out ones in which everyone in the household is more likely to eat all or close to all the meals from that week. And others I have used a blank printable meal planner of my own and created the shopping list for a few of the meals from the e-book and a few of my own recipes. Since my children are toddler/preschool age, I’m sure they will out grow the picky stage and I’ll have more opportunity to use each and every one of the recipes!

Advantages of 200 Weeknight Dinners


Now here’s your chance to get a copy!


3 of my lucky readers will win a copy of 200 Weeknight Dinners!

Contest starts today May 20 and ends May 25 at 11PM EST

Winners will be announced on May 26th

You may visit Easy, Quick Dinners where you can find more information about this e-book.

To enter this giveaway, Leave a comment below and tell us how this could help your household’s weeknight meal planning. For an extra entry (must have done the above first), Follow myself @LifeAsMama and Ruthie of Menu In A Box at @MenuInABox . ย Tweet out the following, then comment below that you did so.

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It’s that simple!

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  1. Hey Gypsy! I don’t think that I’ve been to your blog before today, and I definitely didn’t know that we have so many common interests…

    I would use this resource so much. My mom and I combine forces to plan and make the meals for 8 people, and we eat at home nearly every meal. We’re already doing pretty good, but the routine gets stale and this would be such nice way to get us going again!

  2. It will help my boyfriend keep dinner on time. On the days he is off, he doesnt ever know what to cook but there is plenty in the house! This will give him ideas on what to cook!

  3. All I can say about this is WOW!!!!! I have 3 young boys at home and I am constantly struggling for something healthy and nutritious, yet also delicious, that all 5 of us will eat. This would really help me stress less and spend more time loving on my family.

  4. i cant even count the number of disagreements in our house over what to have for dinner which usually just result in eating pasta with jar red sauce quietly or slinky off to for take off guiltily because we couldnt decide.

    we eat a home a lot but the budget is tight and you can only take so many beans&rice nights in a given month

  5. Oooh this is exciting! Thanks for the great giveaway! I get burnout on dinner ideas and what to make. We eat dinner at home at least six nights a week and it gets harder and harder to think of things to make. I also homeschool and this would help relive some of that stress too!


  6. This looks so useful and delicious!

    My husband started working evenings recently, so we are trying to make family lunches now so we can still have a meal together. My husband and I switch off the cooking, then I usually eat leftovers or salad for dinner when he is gone. But we definitely need more meals in the mix, and I am absolutely terrible and planning and shopping for meals. I would love this!

  7. How fabulous is this? I know my family would be happy if I won this amazing giveaway…I tend to stick to a limited menu of meals, so there would be some happy tummies here ๐Ÿ™‚

  8. I was just telling my husband last night how I needed to expand my dinner repertoire, because it’s getting a little old… the same things over and over. Between school, dance classes, meetings and play dates, planning the meals and being creative in the food department gets neglected. I’m sure this will help me (and the whole family!) out immensely. Thanks for a chance!

  9. Although I have been married since 1984 one of the biggest mysteries of the world is……………what’s for dinner? We tend to eat the same old thing over and over. We get a new recipe and use it but somehow we go back to same old boring meals. I would dearly love new recipes that are easy to do, that we both will enjoy, that we both can prepare together. When I had major foot surgery this past October, a friend ministered to me and my husband through the gift of food. I would like to do that for others as well with tasty easy recipes.

  10. Hey Mollie sent me here from her website and after reading I am realizing I could definitely use this. I am in a cooking rut and just getting by right now, so this would be an awesome win.

  11. Wow, what a great resource! It’s just my BF and me, and we’re usually stumped on how to make a wide variety of food for just the two of us. When we make stuff that makes leftovers, we are overwhelmed. It would be great to get some new ideas on quick fresh weeknight dinners, and to only go to the grocery once a week!

  12. This would free up my time as I am just starting an ETSY business. I’ve seen the Meal in a Box site and think the concept is WONDERFUL!!!

  13. I struggle with the planning the meals… I try though. Every Sunday afternoon prior to going to the grocery store I say to my kids and my hubby – what do ya’ll want to have for dinner this week… and more often than not I get either silence or several “I don’t know” ‘s.

    Glad I found this site ๐Ÿ™‚

  14. Oh I could definitely use this. I’m still learning my way around the kitchen and could always use help planning meals! I’m still trying to experiment with new recipes, so this would be a great help!

  15. I need this book! I struggle so much with cooking dinner during the week, it feels like it has become a chore.

  16. My family does the what’s for dinner dance practically every night! This would be so helpful for us when we go grocery shopping too! Thanks so much for the giveaway!

  17. This would help me so much! I work full time and at the end of the day I just want to go home and relax. This book would help inspire me to make some delicious meals! Thanks for the giveaway! ๐Ÿ™‚

    rosalindrevival (at) hotmail.com

  18. I am not a mom, but my husband and I are both students and work, so this would help ease the stress during the week by me not having to plan every menu each night. I would love to have something like this.