The Cupcake Alphabet

I recently posted about the Alphabet Animal Special they had over at Little Nummies.  I had an idea to use it as a homeschooling tool since they posted links to free printables, facts and videos relating to the animal.

I was searching today for cupcake ideas for my daughter’s birthday.  I came across Family Magazine’s Cupcake Alphabet.  These could be used to go along with the letter used with the Alphabet Animal Special.  I will share my full plan for my 3 year old son really soon so that anyone interested could use it as well.

Here are the individual links for the Cupcake Alphabet:
Apple Cupcake

Balloon Cupcakes

Clown Cupcake

Desert Island Cupcake

Elephant Cupcake

Flower Cupcake

Grapes Cupcake

Hedgehog Cupcake

Ice Cream Cone Cupcake

Jell-O Cupcake

Kitty Cupcake

Ladybug Cupcake

Mini Monsters Cupcake

Nest Cupcake

Octopus Cupcake

Pig Cupcake

Queen Cupcake

Rose Basket Cupcake

Shark Cupcake

Tic Tac Cupcake

Unicorn Cupcake

Vampire Cupcake

Wizard Cupcake

Xylophone Cupcake

Yellow Jacket Cupcake

Zoo Cupcake

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