The Alphabeasts Plush Characters + Book Review

Cute, plush (oh so very soft!) colorful beasts; These are the Alphabeast! They are a creative + fun way to teach the little one’s in your life the alphabet. The plush beasts & the 26 piece board book set keep my 3 year old’s attention very well. I think for her (Nevaeh, with the “N” Alphabeast pictured below) it is the colors that attracted her at first and now she is beginning to remember parts of the alphabet. She can at least say each letter now, unlike before we began using these products.

My son, Elijah at 6 years old (with the “E” Alphabeast pictured above), loves creative creatures so these were a hit with him from the beginning. He also like the original names of each beast like “Eieio” and the stories of each beast on the back on the individual board books. His attention is kept by the unique words (not your normal “a is for apples”) that are included as well.

If you’re looking for a different and creative way to introduce the alphabet to your kidlets, the Alphabeasts are the way to go!


Disclaimer: AlphaBeast has provided me with product in exchange for my 100% honest opinion.

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