Organizing The Home

I’m all about my post-it notes, to do lists, menu planning, etc. Sometimes, I think I’m more so into the lists and the planning than getting the items on those list completed!

I still have a year before state laws require my eldest child to be ‘in’ school. I am making all my plans now. Getting our routines (schedules and chores) figured out, home organized and all that jazz.

Here are a few things that I have found helpful in my little organizing phase.

Menu Magnets
:: Balancing Everything

Chore Pockets & Tickets Part 1
Part 2 :: Balancing Everything

Lastly, this one I just came across today and thought it would be lovely to create it to match the Innovative Closet in my previous post.

Chicken Wire Organization & Calendar Download
:: The Project Girl

I have a few other things going on that I’m testing out around here that I will share soon. I’m working on our daily schedule for meals, chores, school, activities, naps/bedtimes, work at home, etc. When I figure that one out, I’ll be glad to share it as well.

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