Little Nummies Animals A-Z

I came across this really cute website called Little Nummies recently.  Having one picky eater on my hands, I understand how the creator of the site got started.  They recently had an Animal Special that I thought would be great to share with others.

This Alphabet Animal Special can be used in many ways:

1. Reference of ideas for daily lunches or snacks to change things up or get your toddler interested in trying to new foods (or just to get them to eat period!)

2. If you are homeschooling and your child is learning the alphabet, you could do the alphabet in order one day at a time.  Have lunch, go over the letter of the day and learn about that particular animal of the day as well.  Lunch, Alphabet and Animal Science – three courses in one!  Couldn’t get much better than that.

You can visit Little Nummies for this Animal special by visiting or to get other great food ideas visit the homepage at  For quick reference for myself and to share with others, I have put together a list of the Animals a-z, here.

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