Lee Mai: Louisville Kentucky Juggler

I mentioned before that I would be posting more information about our wedding. Today, I just so happened to come across a video of one of the performers that we had for entertainment after the ceremony. Lee Mai, a juggler from Louisville, Kentucky, was absolutely amazing and I’m forever grateful for his presence on our special day! Him + other performers took their time while “warming up” to allow the kidlets play with their flow toys and show them some little tricks. I’ll share more entertainers that were in attendance in the very near future. For now, check out his first video that he did in one take:

This video was filmed at the Muhammad Ali Center in Louisville, KY. It was done in one take, with minimal edits. Video credit goes to my good friend Ben James. Background music is “Ritual Howl” by Shigeto. Props used are Henry Pirouette Grips, and “wiffle ball russians” crafted by Eric Sipos.

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