Halloween Cards from MixBook

MixBook has a wide variety of Halloween party invitations. We are still not sure if we are having an actual Halloween party this year or not. So when personalizing the card to my liking, by adding photos of the kidlets and editing the text on it, I realized that I was able to remove the text for the date, time + location of “a party” and just entered general text into it. I pretty much changed into a Halloween Card rather than an invite. I left a space blank on the front of the card so that if we choose to host a Halloween party, I could handwrite the information on there.


I love the ability to edit these cards how I want them to look. You can change the text, add different photos into it, edit the photos coloring + size, add stickers to them and more! So head on over to MixBook.com to order your Halloween cards today!

Disclaimer: MixBook provided me with a free product in exchange for my honest opinion.

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