DIY: Diaper Wipes

Make your own diaper wipes at home – great for those with allergies so you can control what comes in contact with your baby.

1 Roll of Bounty Paper Towel (cheap brands will usually go to mush/tear)
1 cups hot water
1 tbsp baby oil (unscented)
1 tbsp baby bath (any scent)

Cut the paper towel roll in half. Unroll & Accordian fold into an unused diaper wipe box. Save the second half or place in a second box.

Mix well. (This recipe is for one box or one half a roll of paper towel.) Pour on top of paper towels. Close lid & hold it tightly so it doesn’t open. Tip box upside down, then back up. And repeat a few times. Let sit over night, then use as normal diaper wipes.

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