Custom Orgonite


My darlin’ friend Dannii Love made a custom piece of orgonite for me. My hubs gave her some rough gemstones + a fossil to use for it and I absolutely LOVE it!

The layers are from top to bottom:
– Ammonite fossil and emerald (green)
– Brass
– Ruby (untreated, pink) in the four corners, Amethyst (purple) in between them
– Sterling Silver
– Amethyst (purple) and tourmaline (black) on opposite sides
– Apache tears (black), Sandstone (orange sparkles on four corners)
– Tiger’s Eye (brown/gold) and Amethyst (purple) on the bottom



If you want one for yourself, message Dannii here on FB!

Rating: ★★★★★
Disclaimer: This product review was based on my personal purchase/barter and is my 100% honest opinion.

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