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Welcome to my little spot on the web where you will find my random thoughts, ramblings and tales of mama-hood, our homeschooling journey + quality product reviews. Who am I? I’m Gypsy. Yep, that’s my real name! Call me a hippie if you wish, but labels are for soup cans. I am a natural dread-headed wife (wedding details) + mama to three hyper-induced but darling kidlets, two rescued dogs (a catahoula + a pit/boxer mix) and three cats living in Central Kentucky. My family is passionate about animal advocacy and volunteer in a local shelter + have been a foster home for furbabies in need. I also like to share information on Autism Awareness (my son has Aspergers) and other mental health issues.


What makes me smile? My crazy, wild but loving family, of course!  I like to spend my time sipping on sweet tea, dreaming of my future farmstead, walking barefoot as long as it’s above 45°, feeding my addiction of fonts, whipping up product reviews and baking homemade treats for the entire family, including the pups.

I hope you enjoy your stay!

Feel free to e-mail me to request a product review or to just plain o’le say Hey!

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