2012-2013 Homeschooling Update

This year Elijah has been doing better with sitting still and actually using worksheets and book work. Last year was mostly learning through daily life, educational games on the computer and documentaries (he’s beyond obsessed with them). Nevaeh is still not of age for school, however she has been going through a lot of the same routine that her older brother has this year. She seems eager to learn just because she sees her brother doing it. Big smiley in my book.

This year, Elijah has been going through “Teach Your Child to Read in 100 Easy Lessons” as well as using flash cards for phonics and sight words. Our flash cards came from Starskills. I will be posting a review of the Starskills Early Learning Program that is 40 weeks long, broken down into four (4) ten week sections. We have began this program over the last few weeks and I do highly recommend it so far. We also use Starskills for printable alphabet + numbers, counting worksheets and more. You can keep up to date with new Starskills programs on facebook: http://www.facebook.com/starskills.

We use a set of Weekly Reader “Just Ask” books for reading/comprehension. Angel Bear Yoga (physical fitness, building positive character traits, building communication + more). And we just began using ABC Bible Verses that we found through pinterest that we printed out and fit inside of baseball card holders for a weekly bible verse (devotional + memorization).

Other than that, we fit in math, arts and crafts, life skills, etc into our everday living. Measuring in the kitchen, making our own laundry + cleaning supplies, folding + putting away their own clothes, choosing the cheapest of a certain item in the store, saving + spending their own money, etc. The list goes on in our homeschool.

PS: If you don’t remember my post at the beginning of this school year (here), I use free printables from Five J’s to create my homeschool binder (yearly attendance chart, weekly assignment sheets). I also use DonnaYoung.org for printables for our reading list and a google doc file with an ongoing list of documentaries that we have watched.

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