Cheap, Almost FREE, Clothing from Schoola

Schoola rocks!  After my first completely free order, I received two packages that I paid less than $3 total for.  The rest was paid by referral credits that I earned.  I earned these credits, to purchase clothing from the website, by sharing my referral link with friends + family through email, text and on my social media accounts.

These are screenshots of the two orders:

image image

FREE! Children’s Clothing for Not Back-to-School

Back in June, I came across a website, called Schoola, when searching for 'back-to-homeschool' or Fall/Winter clothing for my children.  I was able to order 13 items for my daughter from them, free!  It was a great start to getting everything that she needed.

Screenshot of my first order through Schoola.


Photos of items when received.