Yarn Twist Extensions: The Why, FAQ and How To


Recently, I installed yarn twists extensions in my daughter’s hair. She is a very active 8 year old and has a hard time brushing her own long curly hair. I figured this would give me a break from all the de-tangling that is required for her hair during a very busy few weeks. While it was time consuming to install them, it is simple to do. She had these in for 3 weeks. A few hours over an evening or two, saved me many, many hours over those weeks of struggle and tears from her to get the tangles out. We will definitely do these again in the near future.

This was only my second time doing these yarn twist extensions, ever!  I did them a few years ago for the first time. Neither her, nor I were as patient to sit for the long to do them more often back then. I just randomly came across the original how to video that I learned from and decided to give it a try again. I posted photos on my personal Facebook page and the compliments were amazing! I figured I would share the photos here, some tips and the video for everyone that was interested in them as well.

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