My Daughter is a Curly Girl: The CG Method

My daughter has always had curly, sometimes frizzy + unmanageable hair.  A lot of people tend to try ‘fix’ that by using straight irons, perms and other damaging methods.  We have fought with many, many products and routine after routine over the years.  A few months ago, I was introduced to the curly girl method.  This has been a huge game changer for us!

First, the curly girl (CG) method is a routine in which you go SHAMPOO FREE to give your curls some ultra moisture. Instead of shampooing you cowash (wash your scalp with conditioner) and you condition and style your hair with silicone free and sulfate free products.  While there are many products that are available for use, I will be sharing exactly what we have learned works for my daughters hair.

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