FREE! Children’s Clothing for Not Back-to-School

Back in June, I came across a website, called Schoola, when searching for ‘back-to-homeschool’ or Fall/Winter clothing for my children.  I was able to order 13 items for my daughter from them, free!  It was a great start to getting everything that she needed.

Screenshot of my first order through Schoola.


Photos of items when received.






You can get $60 worth of clothes for  FREE, too! Here’s how:

1. Sign up with this link for a $20 credit: (If you are on mobile, scroll down and click on View Full Site first.)

2. Create a Custom Collection and get another $10 credit. Click on Shop to Help then Collections and then Make New.

3. Put $60 worth of clothes in your cart.

4.  Check your email that you signed up with for a 50% OFF Code!


* Some of the credit does not show up until you’re at check out!

* Items with yellow tags (or labeled NEW WITH TAGS) cannot be purchased with credits!

* Shipping is free for a limited time!

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