Cheap, Almost FREE, Clothing from Schoola

Schoola rocks!  After my first completely free order, I received two packages that I paid less than $3 total for.  The rest was paid by referral credits that I earned.  I earned these credits, to purchase clothing from the website, by sharing my referral link with friends + family through email, text and on my social media accounts.

These are screenshots of the two orders:



The items once received:




I am very pleased with the quality of the gently used clothing.  Shipping has taken about 7-9 days for the free shipping options that they provide.  Other shipping options are available with cost if you need them quicker.

My daughter is 8 yrs old + a size 14; there was a huge selection of clothing for her.  My son is 10 + a size 20 or adult smalls now.  The selection for him was somewhat limited, however that was expected as boys seem to be more rough on clothes.  They even send a postage paid bag to fill up with gently used outgrown clothes to donate to them, that I took advantage of.

I highly recommend Schoola!  I will be a repeat customer (actually already am) and have had many family + friends already make multiple orders with them as well.

Read about my first order with step by step instructions for you to get up to $60 in free clothes too, here:

Disclaimer: This product review was based on my personal purchase and is my 100% honest opinion.

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