McKinley Rose Boutique Custom Knitted Hats

McKinley Rose Boutique is a handmade shop by Lisa Borders. There’s a selection of items such as tutus, tutu dresses, bows + hair clips, knitted + crocheted hats, blankets + diaper covers.

I actually won the Bear Hat that my little girl is wearing. We chose to have the ears light pink rather than a light brown (as shown in her facebook page photos) for the additional girly look. My son was very specific about what he wanted. We had viewed photos of some of the previous hats that Lisa had made. He said he didn’t want those but wanted a red dinosaur hat with spikes. So we sent over an email asking if she did custom orders and to explain what we were looking for. Lisa was excited to give it a go. She is very easy to work with in helping to choose colors and sizing.

McKinley Rose Boutique - Custom Dino Hats McKinley Rose Boutique - Custom Bear Hats

These came just in time as the chill has hit here just recently. Both my kidlets love their hats! They are very well made and the sizing was perfect. My daughter still says “aww!” every time we pull it out for her to wear before going outdoors. And my son seems to be planning his next creation, “it needs a tail now…”!

10% of all sales from McKinley Rose Boutique is donated to SHARE. “The mission of Share Pregnancy and Infant Loss Support, Inc. is to serve those whose lives are touched by tragic death of a baby through early pregnancy loss, stillbirth or in the first few months of life.”

From McKinley Rose Boutique:
On December 5, 2009 sweet Mckinley Rose was born. I had the honor of photographing her for her newborn session and instantly fell in love! This girl snuggled into my arms and I didn’t want to put her down! Such a beautiful baby and so content throughout her entire session!

On March 24, 2010 I found out from my former photography partner that McKinley Rose had passed away. She has a very special place in my heart. I talked to her mama late 2010 and asked if I could open a shop and give it McKinley’s beautiful name. She agreed!

So, here we are now and I have to tell you it is a blessing to be able to do this! 10% of all sales will be donated to SHARE { } in memory of McKinley! Thank you for helping to keep her memory alive and for your contribution towards helping other families facing such a loss.

Visit McKinley Rose Boutique on Facebook + view her works in the photo albums. Stay tuned for a hairbow giveaway from McKinley Rose Boutique that we’ll be hosting soon!

Disclaimer: McKinley Rose Boutique provided me with a free product in exchange for my honest opinion.

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Kaitlyn’s Custom Travel Size Diaper Wipe Case

I have seen quite a lot of these diaper wipe cases popping up in small/home business shops across the web. I recently noticed them for the first time a few months back. I got the opportunity to review one for Kaitlyn’s Diaper Wipe Cases.

Kaitlyn's Diaper Wipe Case
(Case my little man received.)
These are custom made + personalized for each order. I chose one for my son’s bag so he can take along with him for his overnight bag or day trips for quick clean up. Even though he’s 6, wipes are a life saver for after meals/snacks or outdoor play.

My son is fan of all things dinosaurs + robots. Just so happened, a robot fabric was currently in stock at the time of order. We received this case with a boyish look; bright colored robots + blue ribbon. The little man loves the look of it of course. It’s super cute in my opinion as well. We have carried this around through the house + for outings. It’s held up very well; no peeling/loosening of the fabric or ribbon to date.

Now here’s your chance to win a custom diaper wipe case for yourself. Winner will be contacted + can choose from fabrics that are currently in stock to have your case created just for you.

Kaitlyn's Diaper Wipe Case
(Another sample of Kaitlyn’s travel size diaper case.)


Disclaimer: Kaitlyn’s Diaper Wipe Cases provided me with a free product in return for my honest opinion.

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The Great Printable Shopping List

The Coupon Project has my favorite FREE printable shopping lists — one for Grocery Stores + one for Drug Stores! Each list includes product name, product price, store/manufacturers coupon, Qty, final price, rebates/RR/Up+, etc.  Also has a space for notes, estimated trip cost and actual trip cost.  Remember to print + if possible, make black & white copies to save on ink!

Visit the Coupon Project to print your copy of the shopping list today!

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Create a Planner That Suits You

Moxie Pear Planner
(Image source – Lisa Bacon, The Moxie Pear)

So it’s almost the end of the year.  Many folks choose to use this time to get things organized within their home and/or work space so that they can make those famous resolutions of “staying organized”, “never being late again” or “eating healthier”.  Maybe even “staying within a budget” or “becoming frugal” will be on next years list.

My resolution for this next year is to spend more quality time with my family and for myself and to be as stress-free as I can possibly be.  Which has lead me to the quest of creating a household notebook for myself and family that suits us perfectly.  Everything will be at our my fingertips (the kidlets won’t be actually using this just yet) when I need it from now on.  I will be sharing my printable finds, free & for purchase, in this post and completing my notebook over the next week or so. Once completed, I’ll share my final product here.

First Things First

Gather supplies that you will need for your planner.  A simple 3-ring binder can work for this or you could use one of the more expensive ones that have a leather or fabric covering that zips up (which is great for added security in case anything was to accidentally come lose).  Copy/printer paper, pen/pencil should be all that you would need; depending on how fancy you get.  Scrapbook supplies are great if you plan to get all crafty to make it look pretty.

Next, create a list of everything that you wish to have in your notebook.  Anything that you do in your everyday life, if it can be simplified in anyway by being in this planner, add it to the list!  Here are some examples of things you might want to add:

  • Calendar/To Do List: Daily, Weekly and/or Monthly Sheets to schedule appointments & events
  • Household Tasks: This can include a daily chore list and weekly/monthly house/auto maintenance
  • Menu Planner: Include a weekly or monthly plan sheet, blank grocery list, master list, frequent meals in your household
  • Budget: You can include anything from income, expenses, goals to lessen debt, folder for bills and more.
  • Emergency: Emergency numbers, Contacts such as neighbors & closest relatives, plan in case of natural disaster emergencies to go over with family once every few months to make sure every remembers or gets updated if something changes.
  • Address Book: Contact lists with options to include name, phone, address, website, email, birth date, etc.
  • Holiday Plans: List of events such as birthdays and anniversaries, Gifts to buy & Gifts received lists (so you can send those thank-you notes later), Holiday meal plan if you typically use the same recipes.
  • Homeschooling planner: Attendance records, Weekly Lessons, Reading lists, etc.
  • Extras: Websites & password list, Babysitter information, and the list can go on and on forever.

Plan of the Day / Week / Month Pages

Moxie Pear Planner moxieplan

I have actually been using this set above from The Moxie Pear, of the daily/weekly/monthly planner, in which it is somewhat similar to the set below but has a few differences to the layout of the design.  I went back to the site this week and realized their blog has been redesigned and the printable planner pages are no longer there. Maybe I can send an email and see if it’s a possibility of those being reposted…will add that to my to-do list now ;c)

niftyplanThese are equally as great!  Simple yet appealing.  This set, The Nifty Studio WAHM Printable Planner Pages is simple, yet appealing but still not ‘too cutesy’.  It includes a daily, weekly and monthly planner as well. Take Bobbie’s tip: “All I do is print off the pages, 3 hole punch them, secure them with 1.5″ book rings and BAM! Instant planner. I also took a few pretty scrapbook papers and had them laminated. I use those for the front and back cover.

The household task can be jotted down on the daily page.  Or you could even go a step further and follow “Hannah’s System 101″ from Sherbet Blossom.  Create a card system (or you can create it as a list for your notebook) similar to her’s but with the tasks that are needed for your family.

There is this daily planner from The Project Girl that includes a spot on each page for To-Do, To-Call, Errands, Shopping List, Notes & Tomorrow; it has lots of space and is designed very well.  And there is also a monthly sample from BusyBodyBook that is set up in a unique way so you can include individual family members tasks/appointments for each day of the week.

Menu Planning Pages

wild olive food planner foodrecipe

I actually have an obsession with this planner.  This one is not free, however it is exactly what I wanted/needed.  The Wild Olive Food Friends Printable is a PDF file that includes a blank monthly page, weekly page, and 4 pages of lists that you can use for your grocery lists, master grocery list, pantry/freezer lists, etc.  You can stop by the Wild Olive Etsy Shop to grab your own copy (It’s currently $5 – PDF file for download.  You can fill in the PDF file form and then print or you may print & fill in by hand.  Use it as many times as you wish and never have to purchase another meal planner again!)

Oh, yes,  just to curb my appetite for those ubber cute food illustrations, I also have purchased the set of matching recipe cards!  You could use plastic photo/card sleeves such as these to put the recipe cards in that you use the most — and these pockets are great for organizing your coupons as well!

And not to forget, there are two different styles over at The Project Girl – Menu Planning Form that are FREE to download as well!

I recently won a free membership to Menu In a Box; an online menu planning site.  I actually don’t use the site as it was originally intended.  As we have two picky eaters in my household (myself and my son), the recipes on the site are not always for us.  They do have a wide variety of recipes (including gluten free, egg free, vegetarian, etc) so I have begun trying some new meals so maybe I will eventually be able to use it to it’s fullest.  And in the meantime, I have picked up on a lot of tips in order to use with the menu planner above.


Food Journal,  The ultimate travel checklist,  Packing Labels for a Move from The Project Girl

Budget, Website & Password Keeper, Babysitter Info, Medical Info, Holiday Gifts Sent & Received, Important Phone Numbers & much more over at Mom Agenda.

And last but not least for this list, anything and everything Homeschool related can be found at

Final Notes

Do remember that everyone and every family’s needs are different so make sure that you choose the items to add to your planner that you will use.  Just because it’s pretty or because Neighbor Jane has it in her notebook, doesn’t mean you have to have it too.  The goal is to help simplify your life, not add clutter or confuse one’s self!

Share with us

Do you have a household notebook?  Let us know whether you purchase or create your own; and if you create them yourself, where do you find your printables (free or for purchase)?  I’m always interested in new ideas so feel free to post your notebook solutions here.

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DIY: Spray Cleaners

Here are a few ‘recipes’ to make homemade furniture polish, glass cleaner and a general spray cleaner.   Mix each in a spray bottle. **Remember to LABEL bottles properly**

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The Rockboard Scooter

We (me + the man of the house) were both excited to receive the Rockboard scooter to review. This 3 in 1 scooter (kick it, rock it + fold it modes) is ideal for kids ages 8 and up. The Rockboard holds up to 200 lbs so our entire household could have fun with it.

We opened the package to find it was fully assembled + ready to use immediately! This is our ideal type of gift for the holidays; more playtime and less time unpackaging + putting everything together. The Rockboard was very easy to use. You can use it just as a regular scooter if you please. Or you can set it to rock mode, hop on and shift your weight back + forth from one leg to the other.

My overall opinion of the Rockboard scooter is lovely! It’s made with great quality + is very durable. I can see this product being very long-lasting and enjoyed by my children now and in the future as they grow in age.

You can purchase the Rockboard scooter for $199 at Target which is well worth every penny! Or you can keep up to date with us on Facebook; once we hit 500 fans we will give you an opportunity to enter a giveaway for your chance to win a Rockboard Scooter of your very own, just in time for the holidays!

Disclaimer: Rockboard provided me with a free product in return for my honest opinion.

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