Month: September 2017


My Daughter is a Curly Girl: The CG Method

My daughter has always had curly, sometimes frizzy + unmanageable hair.  A lot of people tend to try 'fix' that by using straight irons, perms and other damaging methods.  We have fought with many, many products and routine after routine over the years.  A few months ago, I was introduced to the curly girl method.  This has been a huge game changer for us! First, the curly girl (CG) method is a routine in which you go SHAMPOO FREE to give your curls some ultra moisture. Instead of shampooing you cowash (wash your scalp with conditioner) and you condition and style your hair with silicone free and sulfate free products.  While there are many products that are available for use, I will be sharing exactly what we have learned works for my daughters hair.
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Aldi’s and Zucchini: Our Favorite Gluten-Free Finds!

When my 9 year old daughter was diagnosed with gluten sensitivity a year ago, we had no clue how much her diet was going to change.  It was obvious breads, cereals + pastas had to go or be replaced with a gluten-free alternative.  So many other bagged, canned + boxed items, condiments and even some shredded cheeses had gluten as well. We live in a small country area and have very few options locally to buy gluten free alternatives.  We have a Wal-Mart here and 20 minutes away is an Aldi's.  We have found that Aldi's has a much wider selection so we make the drive once a week for at least gluten-free items, diary + produce.

Yarn Twist Extensions: The Why, FAQ and How To


Recently, I installed yarn twists extensions in my daughter's hair. She is a very active 8 year old and has a hard time brushing her own long curly hair. I figured this would give me a break from all the de-tangling that is required for her hair during a very busy few weeks. While it was time consuming to install them, it is simple to do. She had these in for 3 weeks. A few hours over an evening or two, saved me many, many hours over those weeks of struggle and tears from her to get the tangles out. We will definitely do these again in the near future.

This was only my second time doing these yarn twist extensions, ever!  I did them a few years ago for the first time. Neither her, nor I were as patient to sit for the long to do them more often back then. I just randomly came across the original how to video that I learned from and decided to give it a try again. I posted photos on my personal Facebook page and the compliments were amazing! I figured I would share the photos here, some tips and the video for everyone that was interested in them as well.


Cheap, Almost FREE, Clothing from Schoola

Schoola rocks!  After my first completely free order, I received two packages that I paid less than $3 total for.  The rest was paid by referral credits that I earned.  I earned these credits, to purchase clothing from the website, by sharing my referral link with friends + family through email, text and on my social media accounts.

These are screenshots of the two orders:

image image

FREE! Children’s Clothing for Not Back-to-School

Back in June, I came across a website, called Schoola, when searching for 'back-to-homeschool' or Fall/Winter clothing for my children.  I was able to order 13 items for my daughter from them, free!  It was a great start to getting everything that she needed.

Screenshot of my first order through Schoola.


Photos of items when received.