Lee Mai: Louisville Kentucky Juggler

I mentioned before that I would be posting more information about our wedding. Today, I just so happened to come across a video of one of the performers that we had for entertainment after the ceremony. Lee Mai, a juggler from Louisville, Kentucky, was absolutely amazing and I’m forever grateful for his presence on our special day! Him + other performers took their time while “warming up” to allow the kidlets play with their flow toys and show them some little tricks. I’ll share more entertainers that were in attendance in the very near future. For now, check out his first video that he did in one take:

This video was filmed at the Muhammad Ali Center in Louisville, KY. It was done in one take, with minimal edits. Video credit goes to my good friend Ben James. Background music is “Ritual Howl” by Shigeto. Props used are Henry Pirouette Grips, and “wiffle ball russians” crafted by Eric Sipos.

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Custom Orgonite


My darlin’ friend Dannii Love made a custom piece of orgonite for me. My hubs gave her some rough gemstones + a fossil to use for it and I absolutely LOVE it!

The layers are from top to bottom:
– Ammonite fossil and emerald (green)
– Brass
– Ruby (untreated, pink) in the four corners, Amethyst (purple) in between them
– Sterling Silver
– Amethyst (purple) and tourmaline (black) on opposite sides
– Apache tears (black), Sandstone (orange sparkles on four corners)
– Tiger’s Eye (brown/gold) and Amethyst (purple) on the bottom



If you want one for yourself, message Dannii here on FB!

Rating: ★★★★★
Disclaimer: This product review was based on my personal purchase/barter and is my 100% honest opinion.

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Reading to Shelter Dogs

One of the most recent highlights of our homeschooling adventures has been volunteering at a local animal shelter. While I go in to photograph the animals looking for adopters or rescue, the kidlets have been reading to the dogs + cats. This helps to keep the furbabies socialized and in better spirits, rather than being cooped up in the kennels on their lonesome for too long. I enjoy seeing them read and cuddle with the animals; and the kids know that they are showing the furbabies that there are humans that do still care.

UPDATE: I shared this info with some friends on facebook. A few days later, I was thrilled to even see that another homeschool family in another state has began going in to their local shelter to do the same!
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Skylander Superchargers Birthday Cake


I made this Skylander Superchargers birthday cake for my little mans “first decade birthday”. I used three Pillsbury box cake mixes and two frostings, that I added gel food coloring. The sides are Kit Kat bars and a Hershey’s bar bridge. I really should have taken photos of the process, but it was actually much more simpler to do than it looked. It was definitely a hit with him and his friends!

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