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Blogs are used by many folks these days. From personal family blogs, coupon blogs, mommy blogs to the business blogs to showcase products or services. Blogging can be a hobby, an extra income source or even a career. It’s sometimes hard to keep everything organized and running smoothly having to keep up with affiliates & sponsors, ad space, scheduling upcoming posts, reviews + giveaways.

I have searched far + wide to find free printables that were suitable for myself to use. I would love to create my own in the future, but until then…here are my favorite free printables to create your very own blog planner. The only other thing that I have added to the following was a general year at a glance holiday page so I could decide what type of Blogging Events I have wanted to join in on and a yearly analytics sheets so I can keep track of the social media + blog stats for quick findings.

Blog Planner from Confessions of a Homeschooler

This is my first go to in regards to a planner. I actually even use the lesson planner for our homeschool as well. This blog planner has almost everything I needed.

  • Monthly calendar (each day contains space to write your post title + box to check off once you share to social media)
  • For each month, there is also an “extra info” page for you to keep track of monthly statistics and space for ideas + inspiration.
  • Blog Advertising pages to keep track of sponsors, payment, links + other contact information.
  • Giveaway + Review pages to keep track of the vendors, contact information, product costs + social media links.
  • And last but not least, there are pages for brainstorming ideas. Bloggers can never have enough of these!


Visit Confessions of a Homeschooler – free 2013 Blog Planner to download.

Playdate Crashers Product Review Worksheet

This is a one page (only one I have seen to date) product review worksheet. You can print off as many as you need. Simply fill in the information about the product, due date + sponsor details as your reviewing the product so you don’t forget about those likes + dislikes before you have the chance to sit down to write about it.


Visit Playdate Crashers – Product Review Worksheet to download.
Please leave a comment to let us know of any free blog printables that you have seen. If you could request printables to be made for a planner, what would you like to see?

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