Right on the Walls Review & Giveaway!

Right on the Walls

I had the chance to review a vinyl wall art decal by Right on the Walls. There are many styles of decals to choose from when purchasing from Right on the Walls. I chose this one that says “Love — Patient, Kind, Forever”. You then have the option to select the colors of your choice. I went with Teal + Gold to match my bedroom decor.

The Process:

The product was received in one of the round thick cardboard tubes to prevent bending. You lay the decal out for a day, to allow for it to “relax” and straighten out from shipment. You receive a tool that you use to run across the decal to make sure that it is attached to the top layer, then slowly remove the bottom layer. This leaves the ‘sticky’ part of the decal to be placed on the wall in the spot of your choice. Place it on the wall, from the center and work your way out to the sides trying your best to prevent air bubbles. Rub the tool over the top layer of paper, like you would with an etching. The decal will attach to the wall and you will then be able to pull the top layer slowly away from the wall; The decal should the be completely adhered.

My Opinion:

The whole process of putting the decal on the wall took about 30 minutes. The website has a tutorial video and you will receive the printed instructions with your product that are easy, step by step directions. Even though this decal is in my bedroom that is not entered by many guests, the ones that have seen it, agree with myself that this is a clever and easy way to spruce up any bare walls. We wipe our walls down on a regular basis and have had no problems of the decal trying to peel or chip away. It’s slightly shiny so very eye catching but not distracting. The colors from the websites options are very accurate! I am highly pleased with the look of the decal and the simplicity of putting it up.

Connect with Right on the Wall:

Visit Right on the Walls website to see the selection of decals available. Like them on facebook, follow them on twitter, visit the blog and sign up to their email newsletter for updates.

Right on the Wall has been generous enough to give a 15% discount when you ordering using the code: BR15DCT. Gift Codes are redeemable up to face value, but do NOT include shipping costs! Right On The Walls gift code expires immediately after use.

And they have agreed to giveaway a $25 GIFT CODE to one Simply Random Reviews reader!

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My dogs new best friend, Mr. Chewy

This week I was introduced to Mr. Chewy. I made a purchase just under $50 (free shipping on all orders over $49) and came out with a great package of treats for my Boxer pups!

I was very happy with the ease of shopping via MrChewy.com and the package came just 3 days after I made the order! The pups were happy to see + sniff their treats (and gnaw on some Merrick L.T. Ham Bone Dog Treats). For this purchase I chose to get the pups, the following treats:

  • (2) Merrick L.T. Ham Bone Dog Treats- Tendons
  • Three Dog Bakery Classic Wafers Apple Oatmeal Dog Treats
  • Sojos Grain Free Dog Treats Lamb and Sweet Potato
  • Sojos Grain Free Dog Treats Duck and Cherry
  • Sojos Dog Treats Chicken Veggie Flavor
  • Zukes Peanut Butter ‘n Blueberryz Flavored Mini Bakes Biscuits
  • Zukes Chicken ‘n Cherryz Flavored Mini Bakes Biscuits
  • Zukes Turkey ‘n Taterz Flavored Mini Bakes Biscuits
  • Ryder (7 month old male) is definitely fascinated with the Ham Bone, of course, while Miss Daisy is very fond of the Sojos Duck and Cherry treats.

    I found it very easy to order from Mr.Chewy and would recommend it to others that wish to order from the comfort of their own home, those that dislike or cannot carry large dog/cat food bags and/or those that just want to save their self a trip to the store. You can choose to have a monthly delivery of your pet’s favorite foods or treats. Head on over to like Mr.Chewy on Facebook and visit their website MrChewy.com!

    Disclaimer: Mr.Chewy has provided me with a giftcard in exchange for my 100% honest opinion.

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    EdenFantasys: More great bath + beauty additions

    I am completely in awe of the bath and beauty products that have been added to the EdenFantasys shop recently. And while I would not normally purchase body washes or lotions for $15 or more, everything I have received has been absolutely amazing quality. I may have spoiled myself so much lately that I’ll never go back to drug store bath products again!Since my last purchase, there have been a few new additions that I have placed on my wishlist.

    Belleza box – massage kit
    First is this Belleza Box. it includes Cattiva Diva (hand cream), Dolce Dreams (body lotion) Fresh Fiore (body wash), a shower pouf, Terme Tresses Shampoo + Conditioner and a soy travel candle. And the reusable box that these products come in, would be great to store makeup or hair accessories in. This would be a great way to sample all of these products before purchasing the full size bottles.

    The Bellissima two bar set of soap and the Doccia me satin shower cap are also on my wishlist now. I know my daughter would love how cute + “princess like” this cap is, so I’ll most likely grab two right away!

    There are so many more new products in the EdenFantasys shop right now, so head on over to check things out. Don’t forget that you can view all the current promotions and grab a free gift with each order by clicking on those links in the header of the site.

    Sex toys - EdenFantasys adult toys store

    Disclaimer: EdenFantasys, an online retailer of sex toys, provided me with a gift card in exchange for this post. All opinions are my own.

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